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domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2011


And that's when I go back to realize that you are still someone important in my life and that much distance, setbacks, difficulties that may exist between us ... the truth is I still love you still, I still keep thinking of you and only the most sincere smile out of me when I know I'll see you, hug you, love you and listen.

I do not know why I have the need to feel happy again for only a few seconds and end up in a black hole which cost me so much out, I do not get to see why I torture myself, why I lock myself in something that has not ended well, who has not had positive consequences and that all I could see and I'm still feeling that pain is burning me, little by little, until I get tired and opted to throw everything overboard to be that again a week ago; laughed the same even of itself, one that smiled at life and it gave back the most beautiful eyes and the same could not remember the color black, if the difficulties but it is these that have allowed me to reach where I am right now.

A place where I feel comfortable, happy and satisfied with everything I got and I'm getting little by little, with those who want ... except you're no longer at my side, never really have been like me I would have liked and that for more cruelly still, I know that both still feel the same.

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